Style: Double IPA
Color: Heavy Blond
Bitterness: Strong and intense, 72 IBU
Fermentation : High
Aalcohol level: 7 % vol
Service temp.: 7 – 8° C

Description: Daghel! it is a beer as robust as the place in which it was born. Despite its 7° alcohol content, it has a surprisingly pleasant drink, thanks to the pure water from the surrounding mountains. The hopping (72 IBU) is strong but balanced with a bitterness that does not overpower the aroma. The nose explodes with aromas of tropical fruits, stone fruit and citrus fruits with final notes resinous and floral. AOn the palate, the strong bitterness intertwines with the sweetness of the malt, with a clean and persistent finish. Due to its characteristics it is ideal with mixed grilled meat, porchetta sandwich or lampredotto.

Available formats: bottle CL.33, tank LT.20

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CL.33 – Box of 12 bottles, CL.75 – Box of 6 bottles