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Decalogue of Craft Beer

An unpasteurised artisanal beer raw and “LIVE” inside the bottle;


An unfiltered artisanal beer with yeast and protein deposits at the bottom of the bottle;


An artisanal beer is a delicate product because it is sensitive to movement and temperature variations;


Movement and the temperature over 23° C reactivate the fermentation and thus the production of carbon dioxide inside the bottle;


A prolonged fermentation in the bottle creates the so-called “supersaturation” that is manifested by the flow of foam and in some cases of the beer itself at the opening of the cap;


To avoid sudden jumps in yeast, storage cartons must always maintain the vertical position;


In the refrigerator the bottle must always be in the vertical position;


The ideal temperature range for serving is 7-10 ° C;


When removed from the refrigerator it should be uncorked only if the bottle has long maintained the vertical position;


Pouring an artisanal beer must be slow and gradual, when it reaches 2/3 of the bottle, if the consumer likes it, it must be swirled in order to dilute the maximum deposits of proteins and yeast at the bottom of the bottle; Otherwise, proceed slowly to keep the product in clear glass without pouring the bottom.

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