IPA Farro


Metra IPA Farro

Source: The Brewery Petrognola
Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Color: Amber
Flavour: ibu 55 (medium)
Malt: barley and spelt
Fermentation: High
Alcohol: 6.2% vol
Serving temperature: 6-9° C
Description: Beer very aromatic; perfumed nose with marked notes of tropical fruits and citrus ; the color is amber. To drink the bitter is prevalent but now appears balanced by the sweet notes of malt.
Serving suggestions: It goes well with hearty food and tasty local street food like grilled sausage, french fries but also great if coupled with a plate important as sausage and lentils.

Available sizes: Bottle CL.33 and CL.75, Tank LT.20

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CL.33, CL.75