APA American Pale Ale


Tambura – APA Farro

Source: The Brewery Petrognola
Style: American Pale Ale
Color: Gold load slightly velato
Amaro: 33 ibu (medium) – noticeable but not excessive bitterness, citrus and herbaceous
Fermentation: High
Degrees Alcohol: 7% vol
Temp.di service : 6-9 ° C
Description: The great consumer interest in the world of Double IPA, the Imperial IPA, the APA, and more generally to the American hops with their persuasive and formidable citrus notes and fruity, led Roberto to create this new beer. The APA is now very inviting with a beautiful golden color and sheer, with aromas that stand out most for its elegance and intensity.
The palate is soft, very comfortable, smooth and clean despite the fairly strong alcohol. The attack is almost sweet, light caramel, biscuit, a hint of honey; the bitterness you wait a while, coming right at the end of the race, fruity and citrus (grapefruit and bitter orange), but always on a solid malty.
The bitterness of the hops remains and grows in the end, not “stings ” to drink over, remaining, nicely, with elegant feelings of bitter herbal – citrus.
Solid, refreshing, perfumed the APA is a very easy to drink beer expressing a great balance between the sweet notes of malt and bitter citrusy American hops.

Serving suggestions: it combines well with succulent dishes such as roast lamb, piquant as baked chicken, pork or beef on the grill, but delicate herbs such as duck confit, or less elaborate dishes like burgers but always challenging cheeseburger, skewers. Very good food with Tex-Mex as long as you do not overdo it with the spicy (peppers jalapenos, guacamole, burritos) or Asians such as chicken or turkey curry (medium spicy).
Great with smoked fish or pickled, baked fish (marinated and aromatic), mussels marinara.
Cheese: recommended with hard cheese such as Grana, Parmesan, Pecorino.

Available sizes: Bottle CL.33 and CL.75, Tank LT.20

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CL.33, CL.75