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Garfagnana. Welcome to Nature

Garfagnana (Carfaniana in low Latin) is a region in the province of Lucca (TUSCANY)located between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan Emilian Apennines.Bordered by Lunigiana to the North, by Versilia and the province of Massa to the West, by Emilia-Romagna (the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia) to the East and by the Lucca, to the South, it is entirely crossed by the river Serchio and its many tributaries and it is rich in forests. Administratively divided into 16 small municipalities, its major centre is Castelnuovo Garfagnana, situated in the valley.

Historically also the Serchio Valley was part of the “Provincia Carfaniane”, South of Garfagnana, up to the Fegana stream on the side of the Apennines and to the river Pedogna on the side of the Apuan Alps. Garfagnana offers a wide variety of landscapes like a rugged and pristine mountain belt, rocky on the Apuan Alps and grassy and characterised by a gentler slope in the Apennines, which turns, at lower heights, into a hill full of meadows and cultivated fields of a particular scenic beauty. The course of the river Serchio with a large gravel bed (in Garfagnino “la Jara”) marks the centre of the slope of the valley.